At this time I am offering one-one coaching sessions, virtually. These sessions may include the parent(s) and child, or one independently. I offer lessons for children to assist in recognizing their emotions and behaviors, providing fun opportunities for increased social emotional intelligence and potentially homework for the family. I believe that far too many children are medicated for actions and behaviors that can be remedied holistically. I do believe that many of our children are quite gifted. Gifted children are less ‘obedient’ , inquisitive and highly energetic. Shifting the environment, including behaviors of parents and caregivers, as well as diet and other external toxins is certainly worth examining.

I will be offering my new online course, Parenting.Easier, this Spring! Essentially it is everything, hopefully, that I wish I could have shared with the parents I have worked with over my years as a play therapist, public school special education teacher and Montessori teacher. Parenting is not easy and requires a lot of energy, reflection, sweat and tears. I will tell you that often times, the manner in which we communicate with our children, particularly when we are angry or stressed DOES impact their mental wellness and behaviors. My course is designed to assist you in understanding the teachable moments of misbehaviors, to honor each child’s uniqueness, to communicate from the heart space, and the repercussions of punishment. Montessori philosophy believes that every child has a brilliant light to shine. Sadly, many of our systems dim that light.

My initial consultation is $150* and is approximately 90 minutes long. The first session is primarily with the parent(s) to gain a snapshot of the child and home environment. Follow-up lessons are customized to meet the needs of the family, financially and educationally. If you are concerned about the behaviors of your child(ren) or are feeling frustrations of parenting please reach out to schedule a no cost/obligation phone consultation. Our children are the future, let’s raise them to be kind, loving, conscious adults.

*Please know that I do work on a sliding scale. I also work with children diagnosed with a DSM disorder, ADHD, depression…as parents, it is now your role to learn how to assist your child to flourish despite a diagnosis. Perhaps you are speaking to child in a manner that induces anxiety or depression? Parenting has no instruction manual. 

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