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Linda LaMarca Schuler, MA, LPC

I am one who believes we can all live in peace within our hearts. I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of New Jersey. On this platform, I wish to work student to teacher. I would be honored to guide, empathize and educate you on your path in this life school. It most certainly affords us with many learning opportunities. I am an old soul. I believe that we are all here having a human experience, and that this place we call home can be heaven on EARTH. Most often, an awakening occurs through, or following times of extreme stress, loss, trauma or even randomly.  If not coped with effectively through heart centered communication, self care and awareness these experiences can cause dis-ease….

I took the path less followed academically and professionally. I married before I completed college.  We brought two beautiful and gifted children into this world. Being married to a future doctor was stressful and our marriage ended in divorce. I had my first spiritual awakening, shortly afterwards, when my brother completed a suicide. He was one of the early patients prescribed SSRI medication to assist with symptoms of depression. My life shifted afterwards, I began a yoga practice with a VHS tape, started running, became more conscious of food and went on to earn my BA in Education/Psychology. 

I taught 4th grade in public schools for a tenured time, married a wonderful man and had my third child. I was blessed to be home with my first two children and suffered guilt when returning to the classroom, having to drop my infant son off into the hands of another. I was aspiring to change positions by earning my MA in counseling and secure a position as a school counselor. 
At this point, I felt worn out;  unhappy with day care, and dismayed with the public sector. I was listening to Eckhart Tolle on my long commute, thankfully. Many of my students lived with  significant emotional stressors, yet I was expected to teach them how to do long division?

My husband encouraged me to follow my dream (one of many) as he too was feeling the stress of our circumstances. I researched Montessori philosophy of education, found a job at a local school and could bring my son! If you have never visited a Montessori campus please do. My son began in the toddler room. It was the best decision we made for our son, however, not for me professionally. I longed to complete my degree in higher education and teach my passion,  social emotional intelligence and self growth. Sadly, our beautiful campus and school was suffering financial difficulties, as private institutions do not receive federal and state funding.I secured a more economically stable position, somewhat related to my degree at a governmental funded prevention agency, and completed my MA in counseling psychology. I taught anger management and parenting courses, managed a drug free communities  grant, and presented to youth in local schools. It was during this work experience that I developed RELAx, recognizing emotions, learning awareness, Experiences. Sadly, I was only able to ‘pilot’ the course as the mainstream requires all sorts of data to implement. I will be offering it on my website as an online course, as it simplifies and demystify the concepts of mindfulness, yoga and conscious living.

Dreams never die, but grants do, I taught as an adjunct for a few semesters, and began working for a Head Start program, as a mental health specialist, under a Hurricane Sandy grant. At this time, I was also deepening my esoteric/spiritual beliefs. I studied evolutionary astrology, the chakra energy system, deepened my yoga practice and dove right into the world of conscious living. I completed two yoga teacher trainings, a 250 hour and child specific, at a local studio.  I love to infuse yogic wisdom into my sessions with you. And if you ask about astrology, I am more than happy to take a peak at your natal birth chart, which is a blueprint of your soul. Along my path I have been introduced to many amazing souls, sharing the gifts of their knowledge. I plan to provide links to their websites to assist you on your journey of self discovery, a neutral mind, a loving heart and conscious living. Perhaps you will find what you’re looking for.

If you feel stressed out to the max and do NOT want a diagnosis, if you are perplexed with the emotions of our times, if you are awakening, or if you would like assistance on a personalized yoga flow. Please reach out. I do work on a sliding scale. I, work with people, not labels. My hope is teach folks how to recognize their emotions and stress, learn to cope effectively, communicate from their heart and live in peace, in each moment. 

Much love, peace and healing,


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